4 quick text changes to make your website stronger

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Is your website starting to feel a little stale? It’s totally natural especially if it’s been some time since you created your website. So if you’re searching for some quick wins, I’ll share a few things that can change the look of your website right away.

Simplify your headlines

Headlines matter. They use the biggest fonts on your websites and first text that people’s eyes seek.

Sometimes we naturally get too creative with headlines and write vague headlines. We want to inspire people, but instead, creative headlines can cause confusion or hesitation.

If you offer a service or product, get right to the point of what you offer. And sprinkle headlines in your pages that are relevant and to the point.

Shorten your text

We’ve noticed that with working with clients as well as our personal projects, shortening your text into short sentences bring a fresh of breath air to the website content. It’s easier to read and makes the content feel snappier and to the point.

Try shortening text into short one to two sentences.

One of the best things you can do to make your site more effective is to break down your text into short one or two sentence snippets. Keeping text brief makes it easy to read.

Make customer problems the core

Most people use their website to talk about they do. You could say that’s the point of having a website in the first place.

But what if instead of talking about what you do, you talk about the struggles of your customers and how you solve them?

You would show that you understand their problems. And if someone wants that problem fixed, they are more likely to contact you.

Plan time for updates

Content that works today may not accurately describe your business in a month from now. So just create yourself a calendar reminder to check out your website once a month and see if you’re content need tweaking.

If you’re looking for an easy way to update your website content, we offer it as part of our hosting and support package. We’ll modify the text for you and optimize any images for you.

Just like fashion changes season to season, your website should evolve as well. A website is an organism that is always changing.

What next step are you taking to improve your website?

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