Collaborators to impact

We’re high-fivers, in-person and virtually!

You’ve probably seen sites of many web designers and developers. Let’s give you a taste of how we’re different. 
(We’re way cooler, we think!)

Webodew is a small web focused team helping people look like pros and communicate better with their audiences online while taking care of technical headaches that sidetrack people’s focus.

Our motto is “Win on Web” and finding the right web solution for clients is our passion.

We treat business like a sport. We want to help our clients win the game!

Webodew started in 2012. We leverage the same skills in our client work that we use everyday in our personal web projects. (We like making apps) From writing, designing, developing to marketing online, we use our personal experiences and trial-and-error to help our clients be more successful without guessing.

Our Team

Gotta put our ugly mugs here somewhere

Vedrana Novak

Vedrana focuses on clean and clear designs, things she learned from designing for telecoms, hotels and several freelance projects. When she’s not crafting her next piece of art behind the computer, you’ll most likely find her enjoying the outdoors with her family.

Vitor Spencer
Tech Lead

Vitor pulls his skills from more than 15 years of web development for companies like Canon. He is also active in educating about new development techniques in his homeland Portugal. When he’s not plugged into the matrix he can be found trying to find the latest productivity hack, running away from ice cream, or running after his beautiful daughter.

Mike Miello

After gaining valuable experience in sales and marketing at software and research companies, Mike founded Webodew as a device create a fun work environment and help people on powerful missions. In his spare time, he’s either running, being bossed around by his new baby or attempting to learn the foreign language where he lives.

Our Values

What we care about makes us who we are.


To put our best effort into each project knowing that the more we put into it, the more we get out of it.


A great client experience is when communication is honest and respectful and we can meet and exceed client demands. We foster an environment where we want our clients to become lifelong relationships.


Companies are just people at work. We genuinely care about others and try our best to keep their interests at heart.


Positive energy and willingness to win runs in our blood. As Webodew evolves, we will always prioritize and maintain this mindset.

Our promise

We recognize that your website is a 24/7 representation of you and your company. We guarantee to work our butts off to make you happy and maintain a work relationship that you can trust and feel great about.

We also recognize that we are not the ideal web team for every web project. We guarantee that if we believe you are not in the right place to get the web assistance you deserve, we will tell you up front.

We know you only want to work with the best and that is exactly what we want to help you get.

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