Visit the homepage of a website selling a product or service and chances are that you’ll see brand logos.

I’m referring to that horizontal line of logos. Sometimes gray, sometimes colored. They represent the happy customers, the proof that there’s some action.

brand logos on slack

Slack’s homepage


brand logos on zendesk

zendesk’s homepage


Is it to brag? Sort of. But more importantly, it affects people’s perceptions.

Brand logos

  1. show that you’re not a newbie
  2. show that you’re engaging with others
  3. show authority in your domain

When someone you know shares an accomplishment or wins an award, your perception changes.

“Holy crap, she did that?”

Placing brand logos on your website is a sort of sharing your wins with potential clients that don’t know you personally.

It’s like say…

“Hey you, I’m good enough for (that company), I’m good enough for you.”

This is one technique of social proofing your website – showing your visitors that other people love you and want you to use their brand to help you.

Here’s an article on social proofing techniques that shows other examples.

Hope this stirred an idea and wish you a pleasant day.

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