What’s the best way to motivate yourself to be more productive?

Money? Cookies?

Or how about fear? What about public humiliation? 

I guess everyone is motivated in their own way. But after watching this Tim Ferris talk about mastering skills and deconstructing them (Youtube), it had me thinking about accountability and how hard we’re willing to push ourselves to meet an objective.

Running a business can be blurry. Both the lists of to-do’s versus the want-to-do’s keeps growing. And as they grow, sometimes we lose focus on our primary objectives and get caught in details that we shouldn’t be.

Somehow watching this video led to challenging ourselves.

Build an app in 5 days and share the journey

Failing stinks. Failing publicly, which in this case means not building an app in 5 days, would leave a bad taste. Already my friends are asking me questions about the project….what will I say if we don’t meet our goal?

But one thing is for certain.  We want to be daring and take upon hard challenges.

Vitor and I imagine we’re web superheroes from time to time. More like Vitor enjoys killing web bugs and while I like dressing things up (designing web tools and marketing…..no I don’t play dress up!)

And so we wanted to see what we could accomplish in 5 days.


  • Maintaining normal, happy family life. Vitor has a 2 years old to take care of
  • I have Dutch class 2x this week
  • One day is completely booked out for meetings
  • Still have to manage all our other projects

Let’s see how this goes. We’re already on day 2…ahhh!

Update: Challenge complete!

Now that the ride is over, we can share the full ride.  Here are the relevant posts for each day


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