Finance design is boring as balls…

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Finance design is boring as balls.

Not all of it. But a lot of it.

And so, we broke the rules.

Why? Because the market is hungry for it.

The suit and tie, ok…we kept those.

But everything else that represents the stereotypical financial advisor:

  • The cheesy smiles
  • The stock photos
  • The same buzzwords
  • The same old web design for financial advisors

…we tossed those into the garbage.

And instead…

we declared war!

Introducing TechMoneyMentor.

Quick, name some cool financial websites? Exactly.

We challenged how finance advisor websites “ought” to look like.

And believe it or not, it’s doing exactly what we wanted 🙂 Making deals.

Watch out, Wolf of Wallstreet. Let me explain.

financial advisor profile pic

Brand Your Balls.

Everyone has balls. Whether or not you use them is up to you.

Your confidence and knowledge set you apart from your competition. They make you memorable. They are the ingredients that stimulate people to talk about you.

Michel wanted something unique for his website.

He wanted to communicate his character to a younger audience in a way that would intrigue and attract potential clients.

And so, we gave him a gun.

We turned a knowledgeable finance guy into a smart gangster and made him The Godfather’s best friend.

Relatable is war from the customer’s perspective

Michel’s target audience is Startups.

Startups function differently from established companies. Financially speaking, startups need to move quickly, seize financial opportunities to level up their products/services and make sure that money “the blood of the company” is available to keep the business alive.

This is the only way I can talk about finance without getting bored.

But who in startup land relates to the typical finance guy?

  • The one driving a fancy car versus the guy taking the bus
  • The one eating steak vs ramen noodles
  • The 9-to-5 status quo mentality versus the 16 hour days on a mission to change the world thoughts
  • The doer versus the preacher

financial advisor details

It’s hard to relate to many finance people if you only look at them from their appearance.

But truth be told, many have very relevant experiences and carry the same values and hobbies as any startup guy would.

With the website, we wanted to do something different and turn Michel into a financial advisor that start-ups would enjoy approaching and learning from.

Startup guys eat this kind of stuff up 🙂

Finance guy turned gangster, quick design breakdown.

Michel’s team, yes he has a team, came to us with a couple portrait photos and said he needs a website fast. No concept, only a vision, “To help the young entrepreneurs find the finance they need and prevent them from getting screwed.” We came up with the domain name, design and helped out with some of the written content. The whole process was done in 3 weeks and now we manage the website’s security and content updates.

Domain name – We choose this name based on the path that Michel wants to pursue. He wants to help younger creators navigate their businesses and so we wanted the domain name to immediately speak to this audience.

Design – We leveraged fun colors for this design. Because we ended up with calling Michel the “invisible man”, we stayed with a dark, yet young color tone as if he is the man of the dark.

Headlines/language – I got to help out a lot in this area because Webodew sometimes finds itself playing as a startup. We’ve worked on a few product builds for start-ups where equity and money issues come into play. I was able to help with language because these are the things I’d find extremely helpful and attractive.


call to action for fiancial advisor website

And the deal was won!

We were happy to hear that Michel has been accepted to be a mentor at in Amsterdam.

That was fast!

Just like it should be.

Web design for you?

If you’re considering a website, get in touch with us. We’d be happy to walk you through some ideas. Let’s talk web.

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