This was a roller coaster days.

Things start well. Then we run into some issues. Then we start gaining more momentum.

Vitor did a lot of coding during day 3 that needed to be re-designed. Because we’re building a time-based alarm notification app (ie. User is notified to water plants after a period of time), we needed to test timing to make sure it works.

Within the app, we are setting watering times to 1, 3, and 5 days. But since this app needs to be finished so quick, we needed to test with quicker times to see if the notifications work. (ie. 1 min, 3 min, 5 min).

But since we did this, so many notifications were coming into our phone and we realized that we needed to change our approach.

It took an additional half day, but things look good.

Also, most of the app is now connected and ready to go.

Trying homemade sounds

Sound plays a very important role when it comes to apps. Sound can inform a user that he or she has performed an action. Sound can also be an alarm to notify a user to do something.

Good sounds are available on the Internet, but I wanted to see if we could integrate our own sounds. And so I headed to the microphone to make some sounds. Here’s part of the process

Timeline is approaching

This has been a great challenge and tomorrow is the final day. We’re feeling a bit tired juggling this along with our normal work and lives. Definitely looking forward to just hanging with the families over the weekend.

One more day, here we go!

Update: Challenge complete!

Now that the ride is over, we can share the full ride.  Here are the relevant posts for each day

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