Save 5-10 hours every month
of your time keeping your website fresh and secure.

It’s not rocket science. You simply want your WordPress website
to work well, be secured, and have fresh content.

Don’t waste your developer’s time or your time.

One plan to cover your website needs.


Just like a car, you’re going to get a lot farther if you’re riding in a well-oiled machine. Keeping your website up-to-date keeps your website performing fast for your visitors and safe from harmful hackers. Security and getting websites to work well are jobs we enjoy doing!

To protect and serve, and more…

And occasionally, you probably could use a little design tweak or want to add new content to your website. Instead of attempting to do these yourself, we’d be happy to take care of this too.

Our aim with this support package is to offer you security and peace of mind knowing that you’ve got dedicated guys on your side to help you through the technical jungle and take care of little tasks for you.

Sound like a plan? Let’s get started on improving your website today.

Receive Monthly Website Report

We love helping and make sure that your website is being monitored for speed, performance, and security. Each month we send you a maintenance report that covers the work we do. Additionally, we check in with you to see how your business is doing and see if there are other activities we could help with.

Our reporting consists of:

  • Plugins, Themes and WordPress core updates
  • Backups
  • Uptime monitor
  • Google Analytics
  • Malware scans
  • Links managed
  • Pages managed
  • Posts managed
WordPress hosting and support

Each month you receive a health report
about your website and performance overview.

Webodew lightening bolt

Teaming up enhances performance and saves headaches

Saving me time from techy stuff. Even though I could upload blog posts and optimize images, I just don’t want to deal with it. And then trying to fix my site in the past, forget it! One quick email to these guys and my needs are taken care of.


Dr. Harris

Simple. Secure. Boom.With all the web threats these days, I wanted someone to be on the lookout. The Webodew guys are super responsive and give me a sense of relief knowing that our site is secure. *We are taking care of their 2 websites

Sabine Hutchison
CEO of a consultancy firm

Your website always be running smoothly

While you take care of business, we’re taking care of your updates and backups to keep it fast and monitoring against disasters.

Free website hosting

We worked hard to make our hosting environment and want you to enjoy using it

Free SSL certificate

We add an extra layer of security by installing an SSL certificate for your website. It’s great for protection and also Google search ranks SSL protected sites higher (note: available with our hosting only)

WordPress updated

Just like any phone or software, WordPress websites need software updates to run smoothly. We keep your site’s website files, plugins up-to-date and make sure they work as expected. If something is wrong, we can roll back to our backup.

Weekly backups

If an attack happens, we have a backup. Each week, we back your website up.

Security monitoring

Unfortunately, hackers run harmful code scripts to cause harm to websites. To combat the wrongdoers, we add a monitoring system to your website that notifies us if any strange things happen around your site

Fix responsive errors

Your website should display nicely on desktop computers but also mobile devices and tablets. Sometimes there are some CSS errors causing your website to display strangely on certain screen sizes. We’ll help fix those for you.

Quick design fixes

If you need to update an image or there’s a CSS tweak that needs fixing, just email it to us and we’ll do it for you. This will save you from having to log into your website. The general idea is that if we can do it within 30 minutes, we’ll go ahead and take care of it for you.

Monthly reporting

While your website maintenance should be something that takes place in the background, we send monthly reports of the work we did. Not only does this help us make sure to cover all important aspects of your website, but we found that our clients enjoy getting a glimpse of what we do.

Uptime monitoring

You can’t afford to have a website go down. We are immediately notified if your website ever goes down and will help you get it back up as quickly as possible.

Submit sitemap to Google

Google can help your business gain exposure online. But it needs to know you exist. During our initial setup, we create a sitemap of your website and submit it to Google to let them know of your various web pages.

Images optimization

Big images cause websites to slow down. We’ll help out with this. We add image software to your website to automatically reduce large images. But you can also just send us the image and we’ll upload it for you.

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We love being able to take care of the technical stuff for our clients. It’s challenging, yet stuff we enjoy doing.

So let us take of your website so you can focus on your business!