Headline up!

Your most powerful website weapon.

Hot, Juicy, Steamy…FROSTING! (Did you read this?)

That’s a headline. A misleading headline for sure, but chances are that you will read it.

And statistically, you won’t be reading this paragraph where I explain why. Unless that last sentence was so rude that you want to defy me by reading. But by now, the paragraph is getting long. The eyes can’t take it! Mike must be smoking! What was his point again?

Let me repeat:

Hot Headlines are your website’s most valuable element

That might sound cheesy, but it’s true.

Terrible to say, but people are drawing conclusions about events without reading the meat.

Headlines makes websites immediately relevant

People aren’t reading. Why am I even writing?

If you suffer from what I suffer, we don’t have time to read everything!

We have a time limit for consumption. And because of this, we only deep dive into articles that feel like something relevant, juicy or valuable.

Headlines offer relevance to your web visitors.

They immediately provide a taste of what your website content or blog posts. (At least they should be doing that)

Ideas for making headlines that stand out.

Here are some headlines that we’ve incorporated.

1) The inspirational headline

inspirational headlineThis is where we try to evoke curiosity by using some keywords and tone of language that will appeal to our target audience. In this example, we want to inspire kids and their parents.

2) The inclusive headline

inclusive headline

In this case, we’re trying to draw our target audience in by suggesting to be part of a mission

3) The aspirational headline

aspirational headline

In this example, we target two key areas that the target audience wants (happiness at work, happiness at home)

4) Make your cause relatable headline

relatable headline

In this example, we are taking a chance. We are trying to get people to look at the image above. Why? Because this is our target audience and we want to speak directly to teachers coming to this website.

5) Calling out a major problem with your target audience headline

target a problem headline

In this example, we call out a major challenge to the target audience. That’s not cool! But it’s okay because we are immediately offering a solution to help tackle it.

People eat headlines up

Headlines stir our interest. They hit our emotions.

If they are catchy enough, people will want to learn more about you and your business.

In real life, the first sentence out of your mouth might help you get on the good side of someone.

Try to do the same on your website.