Today we had a few big break-thru’s in product development.

This message is one that every developer loves to say.

notifications working

We got notifications working in our app!  This is big for us because this was something we have yet to try.  In this 5 day sprint, we didn’t just want to build any app.  We wanted to learn how to use new functionality.

Now that we know this, there’s no big unknown areas in our development process.  We know more or less what to do and how to do it.

The only question remains…. Do you we have enough time to do everything with the two days that remain.

We have a name for our app

So I did some quick searching for an app name.  This process had to be fast and so I didn’t feel pressure that it had to be perfect.

I explain in the video how this app is functionality-driven. For this reason, we didn’t need a creative name. We  want to reach people searching for things in the app store like “remind me to water my plants”

I decided to search for funny plant names as inspiration.  It didn’t help with the naming, but  I did learn some funny names:

  • Sausage Tree
  • Kiss-Me-Over-the-Garden-Gate
  • Mother in laws cushion
  • Dinosaur Food
  • Monkey Puzzle Tree
  •  We decided that something around Happy Plant is what were looking to use.

It sounds…happy…which aligns with one of our project objectives of creating happy apps.

Also we thought that people would assume that keeping a happy plant is associated to proper watering

App icons and designs are being made

I hit up the design boards.  Doodles and then converting them to graphics.  Here’s some photos of what I did.

happy plants mock up

This is our on-boarding process. This is when a user uses our app for the first time.

happy plants icon drafts

These are some sketches of our app icon. I started off a little too cute….must have been inspired by a game

happy plants settings page

People will have some questions and so we created an FAQ section


So far, so good

Until now, we’re happy where we are in the process.  We get the feeling that we can hit our mark, but we’re not going to say that yet.

Today, Vitor is going to piece together everything and we should be able to test it on our phones. Until now, we are only running simulations on our computers.  This is the process with app development.  First code and get stuff showing on the computer and then transfer the code to your phone.

If we have no hiccups, then this means that we will have tomorrow to work on some nice added features.

I’m thinking:

  • Music sounds – when user does something, the plant should make a happy sound
  • Swipe animations – when the user wants to delete a plant, we should use thumb swiping functionality

Update: Challenge complete!

Now that the ride is over, we can share the full ride.  Here are the relevant posts for each day

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