To develop a website that would help our client get into his preferred company


Michel quickly landed his next gig and can use his website to grow his personal network.

What we did/do

Created branding style, design & developed website, wrote headlines, setup hosting, continue to host and change content as requested

Wanted to show professionalism and work attitude that is limited with LinkedIn.

Headhunters use profile resources like CVs, LinkedIn, .etc to match potential job candidates with available jobs. But with paper CVs and the way recruitment platforms are structured, there’s not too much room to showcase your personality and interests, which is sometimes important to finding a good find within a company.

Michel wanted to have a personal website so that he could more accurately display who is as a person than his CV.

A website can say a lot about you
Personal websites have little elements that can say a lot about a person. The colors, fonts, photography, and wordage all give a sense of what the person is like in real life.

In Michel’s case, he’s an explorer and adventure seeker who loves to be outdoors. Using such photo helped to compliment one of his focuses on getting involved with startups and helping them with their finances.

But for executive recruiters who already know people of various organizations, seeing such a biography of Michel will help them immediately spot companies where he can be a good fit. Recruiters will have a sense of hobbies and interests of their clients and so Michel can now be identified as someone sportive and a go-getter, qualities that appeal more to certain hiring managers for the job. To view the website we created, please visit

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