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International School of Amsterdam

A new look and a new movement

International School of Amsterdam (ISA) is a leading IB school in Europe. They are known for innovative teaching and provide a great environment for kids to feel safe and test their creativity. After spending an afternoon teaching students about coding websites, Webodew was asked if we could redesign their school website. This successful project lead us to create a second website for their professional development and some videos. We continue to host and update their websites.

Our Approach

We met with ISA over a few on-site consultations to get a sense of the culture and atmosphere. Additionally, we conducted surveys with various faculty and parents to understand what was needed to improve the website. We found out that so much happens on the school but the website was not sharing this information or was making it hard to find things. The design was also giving the appearance that the school was not forward thinking.

The Result

After completion of the new ISA website, the various audience groups were very happy with the website. Many parents used forms on the website to help cut down on admin work and became a go-to resource to find important information for the students and parents.

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