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I’m a total fan boy of The Futur and Chris Do.

Chris Do who leads The Futur has been very inspiring to me and a million other designers out there. The way he talks about the business of design, his conversations with design experts, his ability to confront challenges and solve problems, the man is inspiring to us folks who make creativity our pursuit.

Chris continuously releases great tips for designers that are not only helping designers like me become a better designer but really providing a holistic business approach to design that helps people better problem-solvers for clients.

Recently on Twitter, I read one of Chris’s tweets about font recommendations. He offered a list of font recommendations that can pretty much handle any job in terms of looking crisp and great readability.

But two issues for someone in my shoes…

  1. I don’t have an Adobe subscription
  2. Many of clients don’t have an Adobe subscription or care to bother

The font suggestions require you to buy a font license or have an Adobe subscription where you can access many of the fonts.

But for the past few years, I’ve been running my design creations without Adobe. Newer tools like Affinity and ProCreate allow me to tackle creative projects with the same vigor but at a much lower price point (one time fee as opposed to subscription pricing) which is important to me as a business owner. And trying to talk to my clients about charging for fonts is simply a hurdle I’d want to avoid.

There are great fonts available now for free, like Google Fonts, especially as business models are changing.

I really liked Chris’s recommendations and want to use them. However, it got me wondering if I could find some great font alternatives for free.

I didn’t think a list existed however, I came across this list from The Futur. Sweet!

But the image didn’t provide links to the fonts themselves. And so I thought I’d do that as a tool to help and other designers find the fonts faster.

Free font alternatives for The Futur recommendations

So here’s the list. Give me a shoutout if this helps! I love connecting with others.

the futur font list free alternativesAkzidenz grotesque (paid) -> Heebo (Google Fonts)

Avenir (paid) -> Montserrat (Google Fonts)

Avant Garde (paid) -> Tex Gyre Adventor (Font Squirrel)

Caslon (paid) -> Lusitana (Google Fonts)

Clarendo (paid) -> Ultra (Font Squirrel)

Din Mittelschrift (paid) -> Alte Din (1001 Fonts)

Franklin Gothic (paid) -> Libre Franklin (Google Fonts)

Frutiger (paid) -> Hind (Google Fonts)

Futura (paid) -> Josefin Sans (Google Fonts)

Garamond (paid) -> EB Garamond (Font Squirrel)

Gill Sans (paid) -> Lato (Google Fonts)

Gotham (paid) -> Montserrat (Google Fonts)

Helvetica (paid) -> Liberation Sans (Font Squirrel)

Rockwell (paid) -> Rokkit (Google Fonts)

Trajan (paid) -> Cizel (Font Squirrel)

Proxima Nova (paid) -> Monserrat (Google Fonts)

Baskerville (paid) -> Libre Baskerville (Google Fonts)

Learn about Font selection quickly – Typography Manual by The Futur

If you’re interested in a quick rundown of how to make your text sections pop on your website or anything with print, check out Chris’s Free typography manual. Here’s the link.

This hits the core of how to make text look good and easy to consume.

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