User reviews to tease sales prospects

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User reviews to tease sales prospects User reviews are kinda like mini brainwashers.

They’re everywhere when it comes to shopping online and bring wealth or death to many products or services.

My attitude to user reviews goes a bit like this:

If 5-stars… the product must be good.
If 4-stars… mmm maybe the product is okay.
If 3-stars or less… I’m not touching it!

user review for websiteAnd I bet a lot of people have the same thinking. If you have a high star rating, you automatically have a different opinion about that product versus one with a lower rating or none at all.

What does this mean?

Instant classification.

User reviews do not always reflect how good or a bad product or service is. But since they exist on social platforms and throughout many websites, they do influence what we think. And this ultimately affects our buyer behavior.

Quick Scenario:
If you’re choosing between two products that are basically the same but one has a ton of good reviews and the other doesn’t have any, which one are you going to choose?

5-star User reviews tease our minds so let’s use it to our advantage

I’m convinced that user reviews impact people’s perceptions, attitudes and buying behaviors towards a product or service. They’re like teasers. They tease our minds into thinking good or bad about something or someone, which in effect can influence sales and marketing efforts.

And especially the 5-star review. It’s like having the perfect score on platforms such as:

  • Google search
  • Facebook pages
  • Yelp
  • Amazon
  • Airbnb
  • TripAdvisor

Perception means a lot in branding!

And because we scroll quickly from product to product and there are so many options available online, I think our eyes are almost seeking the 5-star reviews and nothing less.

If you believe that user reviews influence your decision making, think how they influence others about your business and use that to your advantage.

I thought to share what I’m doing to collect some 5-star user reviews.

Especially, if you’re just kicking off your business or haven’t been collecting user reviews in the past, this is a great chance to get some great reviews and immediately improve your branding.

Ask your clients

If your clients have a good experience with you and they love what you provided, there’s a good chance that they would be willing to write a great testimonial for you.

That’s great and so many of ask may ask for a testimonial to put on our website or even LinkedIn.

However, don’t stop there. You also have a good opportunity to get some 5-star reviews on social media sites. And I think this might be even better because more of your potential clients will probably already spend a lot of time on social media sites where they’ll more likely see a 5-star review than a testimonial on your LinkedIn profile.

Happy clients generally want to do what they can to help you out.

Ask mommy and friends to 5-star you

I’ll probably get ridiculed for what I’m about to write, so let me say first, that any of your actions should be honest and not misleading.

Now onto my thoughts.

I haven’t asked my mom yet, but after writing this, I think I should.

However, your friends and family are great people to ask for user reviews. They want you to succeed, and if you ask them to leave a nice review about you, they’ll most likely do it.

When I started making websites and consulting about social media, my first projects were for friends. I didn’t ask them before, but I should’ve. I think my friends would want to give me 5-stars if it could help me.

I’m finally getting around to asking, but I can tell we’re getting very positive results. Earlier this year, an app that we made called Happy Plant was featured in many Apple Store around the world. This is a huge achievement as independent app developers and we think getting a lot of good reviews from our earliest users help a lot with gaining traction in the App Store.

Also note:

Not all reviews have to be just about products or services. They can simply speak about your personality, a funny story, a hobby, or anything about you.I could imagine my Mom saying that I was able to fix her phone, unlike the shop, which maybe many others could relate to. That’s brownie points in some shape!

People want to know more about who they buy products and services from.

User reviews are free influencer marketing

I’m on my journey to ask for some user reviews and thought I would share what I’m doing with.

Having a bunch of followers on social media might suggest that a business is good.

But there’s something more powerful when seeking 5-star user reviews. Literally, a person took time out of their busy schedule to say something nice about you. I think people notice this and it creates a sense of credibility across the web.

User reviews may not influence your search engine ranking, but visually they will influence people’s thoughts about you.

Take the opportunity to grab a few for your Facebook page or anywhere else that could impact your business.

Speaking of, if this was helpful or motivating for you to take your next marketing action, it would be so awesome if you could leave a 5-star review on our FaceBook page.


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