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Water Plant App For Green Babies

By November 7, 2017 2 Comments

Who remembers to water their plants?

Me? I wish. Vitor? Haha…please.

Cool dudes forget things like watering the plants. (My wife calls that being a dumbass…love you dear!)

It’s a fact of life. People forget to water their plants.

But we’re hoping our water reminder app can help break the forgetful habit!

This week we’re excited to announce Happy Plant 3! It’s FREE and available here in the App Store.

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The premise is the same as always. Mix a little humor, a game feeling design and simple functionalities to stimulate you to water the plants.

Our logic:

Turn a boring chore into a fun task. Greater chance you won’t forget. Happy Plant!

Let’s breakdown Happy Plant.

Happy Plant features that help water plants

Treat your plants like babies

water plant app screenshots

Love your green babies

This might sound crazy, but hear me out. How many people complain about being a number when it comes to applying for jobs? It stinks being reduced to a number.

On the contrary, it’s a lot harder to brush someone off when you know them personally.

With plant personalization (your green babies), your plants are given a personality. With each plant, you can give them a cute name…even add emoji’s if you’d like, and carry out an individual watering schedule for each one. you can do this by naming your plant, taking plant selfies and ultimately creating a time-lapse video of your plant growing.

Plant selfies – Pose the love

All plants need TLC. (Tender, love, and care)

But in our age of the duck-face smooch faces and showing off our bodies, how can a plant not get jealous? Especially when they are blooming and have bright colors. Plants want to show their bodies too! (ahem…in a very age appropriate manner too)

And so we created plant selfies. Each time you water your plants, you take a photo. The photo serves as proof that you are watering your plants, but also creates a nice time-lapse video that can be viewed eventually over time.

Imagine watching your plant grow from seed to monster tree!

That would will rock!

Water streaks – Get out the danger zone

Being a good plant caretaker means that you develop a skill of watering consistency. To help, we’ve created streaks that show your healthy plants and your plants that are in danger of thirst. See how high you can get your streak number. That’s a good habit!

If you forget one of your green babies, he or she will be placed in the “danger zone.” Do your best to keep your plants out of the red. Green is always good!

Go Download Happy Plant for FREE!

Happy Plant is available in the app store and is hungry for new users. We’d love for you to give it a try. I bet your plants would too.

If you’re curious for more information about our app (creation process, Press images, bullet descriptions, support questions), please check our Happy Plant App page.

Take care of your green babies!


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