We made an iPhone app in 5 days. And it wasn’t an app that we already knew how to create. We had to learn how to code and structure new functionality and design experiences.
happy plant


testing notifications

Last night around 10 pm, we submitted our app to the app store. The name of our app is called Happy Plant. It will Apple about 7-10 days to review and approve it. Then anyone can download.

Please do download it and let us know what you think! (Click here to join our weekly energy news, we’ll notify you when it’s up as well as send inspiring stories)

What this experience taught us

This adventure was not easy.

Vitor and I clocked about 80 hours around the computer, but this was on top of our ongoing web and design projects.

vitor productivity score

This is Vitor’s productivity level. I need to reconfigure mine because my design and marketing activities were defined as non-productive activities.

We sacrificed on sleep and spending time with our families. But we’re really grateful to have the support that we do. We’ll never forget that. And so ladies, good dinners and cleaning the house shall be served 🙂

But I deeply think that this experience gave us a taste of what is possible. And to be honest, we tasted that we can achieve a lot more than we thought.

There’s something magical that happens in your body when you put pressure on yourself to reach a goal. Pressure can be a good thing. It doesn’t have to be a live-or-die type pressure. It can be a motivator.

Never once throughout the project did we complain about what we need to do. We had a clear vision and a desire to meet deadlines.

I can see how this separates good companies versus the great one.

When your personal desires are mixed into your business goals, they produce a powerful internal drive.

This is why company philosophy is so important to us. It’s the root of what we do and who we strive to be. And it excites us to go after the things we want.

Time to recharge

I told Vitor to enjoy the next few days and recharge the batteries. And that’s what we’re going to do. We’re going to read some articles and books, watch movies, and try to scare some people this Halloween! And we’ll be back up running for the next adventure.

Just for fun the mood

If you followed our journey, thanks so much. I hope you learned something. For me, it was so nice having friends and acquaintances asking for updates. It showed me that sharing a bit about business can be nice. It’s a way to teach and to entertain a bit 🙂

Happy Halloween to everyone!

Update: Challenge complete!

Now that the ride is over, we can share the full ride.  Here are the relevant posts for each day

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