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Own a beautiful Squarespace website that you’ll love and won’t cause tech headaches.

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Squarespace design looks and acts beautiful

  • Quick for me to build a beautiful responsive website (meaning cost, quality advantage I can offer to clients)
  • Easy for you to manage and add pages (putting you in control)
  • 100% hosted & maintained by Squarespace (your website will always be fast and secure)

World-class brands use Squarespace

When you need a simple, but good looking website consisting of a few pages, a possible blog and connect to a newsletter, Squarespace is a great platform to build upon. World-class brands use this platform because it facilitates beautiful design while removing all the technical headaches, challenges that are hard to achieve with custom-built or open source platforms such as WordPress.

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Based in Paris. Squarespace designer worldwide

As a Squarespace designer for websites and online content, most of my work is done virtually. And so I’ve been able to move around the world to follow my wife’s career ambitions and while developing Webodew since 2012 as a remote company. Currently I’m located in Paris, France. I’m originally from Atlanta, Georgia but have lived in various countries for more than 12 years. I’m conversational in French (B2 certified) and recently started to work with French clients. If you’re in Paris and would like to discuss web strategy or your website, please get in touch.

Squarespace is not well known in Europe yet, but I believe this will change as more people become aware of it. I’ve built over 100 websites on various platforms like WordPress and Laravel, and Squarespace simply has the right ingredients for many small businesses and allowing a designer like me to work on a personal one-to-one level with each client.

Pricing your Squarespace website

I’m like you. We all want good deals. No two websites are identical and so that’s why I offer price quotes.

My aim is to calculate a fair price based and be the best dang Squarespace designer you ever met! I want you screaming high-value and honesty. In general, pricing goes something like:

  • Single page sites for launching an idea and collecting leads – From 600
  • Small business website up to 6 pages + blog – From 1750
  • Large sites of more than 12 pages from 4000

Adding functionalities like newsletters, multiple languages, SEO services are all possible. Pricing before knowing the project scope just isn’t realistic.

I know this is vague, but hopefully it’s a rough ball park that you can play with. But heck, contact me and let’s talk it through.

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