Website support

Websites, just like cars, require maintenance to run smooth.

Luckily we’re website mechanics that host websites too.

Hosting, security,

Fixing the little stuff,

is our goal as your web partner.

You invested in the design and development of your website. But it’s not a set it once and forget it kind of tool. Websites get better over time when you improve your messaging, visuals and maintain fast loading and secure website for you and your customers.

Taking care of your website is like taking care of your body. You maintain it, feed it with new ideas and push for improvements in effort to become a better person. A better website means you’re communicating better with your customers.

We’re a great solution for companies without an in-house web team.

We built our own website security and monitoring system and so we can prevent and react to any harmful attacks and make sure websites load fast. But what clients like most about us is that we make ourselves available to talk and take care of those little technical headaches that can stand in the way of moving forward.

Our web support will help you gain

More time to devote to your areas of expertise | Mind space not having to worry about your website | Speed, security, improved designed

Website hosting
  • We host websites on our secure, fast servers that are monitored 24/7 by us. If any issue arises, we deal with it immediately.
  • Our servers are located globally and so we can setup for your preferred country
  • We use SSL certificate for all our website client because it’s safer and a good practice
Design fixes
  • Helping clients with CSS fixes or restructuring websites when code is needed
  • Creating new banners and graphics for clients
Site Optimizations
  • Provide SEO hierarchy structure
  • Submit sitemaps to Google
  • Install image optimization tools to ensure a fast loading website
Ongoing strategy
  • Work with clients to help keep them knowledgable about latest trends and ways to improve their website

Let’s tackle a project together

We got this.