I never thought I would be showing up early to a press release conference of products. But Apple, you showed me wrong.  Thank you.

apple tv

Recently bringing my man Vitor to the team, mobile apps are going to become a key asset of how we’ll help clients.  Apps are powerful tools.  They help us stay informed, and deepen our connection and creativity with one another.  This is a great addition to beautiful websites.

And so like any business owner, I had to do my homework. I needed to understand where Apple is taking their devices and app environment.  I figure the better I understand, the better, more useful apps we can build moving forward.

I wanted to share what caught my eye during the latest Apple Event.  This is where I see Apple contributing to a stronger sense of connectedness and unity.

Something great for families.

Live Photos – Bringing Photos to Life

This blew my mind. And I think this is the beginning of a new evolution of how we recall memories and share stories with one another.

Live Photos

What is it?  I’d describe Live Photos as small animated GIFs built around a photo you take.  While taking photos, an automatic video records the second before and after the photo.

The value?

Think about when we look at photos from the past. We try to recall the smells, the sounds, the feelings, .etc.   We are recreating the moment inside our heads.  By adding a couple seconds of video, this is going to help with recall those memories.

Remembering what you were doing and how you were feeling while taking a photo is going to be easier.

And I find this amazing for telling stories from the past.  It brings the past more to the present.

Apps on Apple TV – Welcome All Developers

Apple has worked on creating a unified experience across all their products. (iPhones, iPads, and Apple computer…and more recently the iWatch).  And now, they are opening up this possibility to the Apple TV.

Already today in my inbox, I received information on how to develop apps that can apply to the Apple TV.

tvOS for Developers Apple Developer

This will be HUGE!

The living room is special place for families.  And in many households, the TV remains as a central point of living rooms and bringing people together. Watching TV or watching some sort of screen is one of the common activities that brings both parents and children together.

We love screens!  Kinda like bugs attracted to bright lights.

We live in a world where everyone’s face is looking at screens.  Kids don’t care as much about their toys…so I’ve been told as I don’t have any.  Rather, they are more interested in grabbing the shiny iPad.

And while many feel the desire to fight against this and preserve the older, non-technological ways of human interaction, we can find ways of using technology to bring us closer together.

Technology isn’t meant to disconnect us.  And I can see the new Apple TV as a technological device that can bring families together and create better communication among us.  Allowing developers to create TV apps, a whole new form of app building will start.  Apps that integrate the interests of both parents and children simultaneously will be made.

I say this because it’s something we’d all love to have and it hasn’t been created.

This excites us about what we can create for the household.

Siri Voice Just Graduated to a New Level

I love using Siri on the iPhone. You can ask Siri to do stuff like finding the weather or replying to messages you receive without even having to type.  I particularly use Siri to get complicated ideas from my head out.

And now, Siri is getting a lot smarter.

During the conference, they did a demo of Siri.  Very cool! You can talk to Siri like a human to do complicated things like finding certain scenes in a video, searching for certain characters and filtering on genre of films.

haha…Siri might soon become the new dating doctor.

But a great example they showed related to families was the example of a 5 year old nephew coming to the house and you have no idea what types of movies to show.  You can ask Siri to recommend movies that 5 year olds enjoy watching and it will find them for you.

That will save a ton of time!

A Pencil Never To Throw Away

Apple released a pencil.

And I’m sure this is going to get some crap.  I think in the past, Steve Jobs was even against the idea of carrying a stylus pen.

But when I saw the Apple Pencil in action…wow!  When I was learning to design, I bought a Bamboo TrackPad so I could “draw” on the computer.  But being able to draw directly on the iPad is amazing.  To do such a thing in the past was costly.

There are some apps that have already started doing this, but now Apple is showing that this technology will be at their core.

The idea of Paperless Communication is becoming more tangible.

I was so impressed with the video showing the pressure sensitive reactions. Artists are going to go more and more digital.  And with kids, they can just hop onto the iPad and start painting, drawing, doodling whatever their mind can imagine.

Their creativity is going to spread further and take a great leap into the digital.

We are Excited Where Apple is Heading

I never watched an Apple Event live before.  Vitor has already watched the event twice to take careful notes and we’ve been talking hours already about where to go from here.

The Apple announcements got us excited!  And we’re going to now work on bringing this excitement into our apps.​

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