Another Apple event. Another boost of energy! I love watching these!

This event showed great advances in technology. But it had me feeling like Apple is way ahead of its competitors.

Apple is redefining many aspects of how we use technology and what we call “a connected world.”

I want to share 3 of my most exciting takeaways from the event.

The iPad Pro – The biggest news in iPad since iPad

biggest news in ipad since ipad

The iPad Pro was featured as “The biggest news in iPad since iPad.”

Why? Because of the bigger screen?

It’s something greater.

I actually felt that this version of the iPad was Apple’s first product that can replace PC.

Developers like me need full-featured computers to write code.  We need to go deep into the “black hole of coding” to do our magic, to build apps.

But the reality is that most people don’t need this.  The majority of computer users want a computer device to do things fast and simple.  They want to move around and be mobile.

And that’s where apps come in.  Coders build apps.  And consumers use them to get things done faster.

For home and business users, the new iPad Pro is the perfect answer.

It’s a simple device that is  more natural to use than a computer.  Plus it’s lighter.

Quote from event “the iPad Pro is the clearest expression of Apple’s vision of the future of Personal Computing”.

The iPad transformed the way we can create and learn.

No need for a mouse and keyboard. Instead people can touch the screen and interact directly with webpages and documents.

And it doesn’t stop there.

Think about explaining to our parents how to use the Applications Bar or where/how to store documents.  This is hard stuff!  I’ve tried explaining over and over and it’s still confusing for many.

The iPad eliminates a lot of the more advanced technology concepts.

About the iPad Specifications

With a 12.9 inches screen and more pixels than a Macbook Pro Retina display (in itself, a beautiful screen), it packs a new A9X processor. That’s a 3rd generation CPU (Central Processing Unit). Most competitors are still trying to produce 2nd generation. It also powers 2x more memory bandwidth than its predecessor and 2x faster storage performance.

This device performs like a desktop and it’s graphics processing is fast!

In fact, its CPU is 80% faster, and GPU 90% faster than portable PCs that shipped in the last 12 months.

And to be super technical cool, the iPad Pro is 22x faster CPU performance and a staggering 360x faster GPU performance then the first iPad. I know I’m extra cool now cool.

So light and thin that you can hold all day long.  I can’t wait to hold one myself.

Apple TV  – A Disruptor in Television

Since its invention in 1927, Television plays a huge role in our lives.

It’s one of the main devices in most everyone’s home.  But it’s also one that has not innovated so much either.

Sure there has been improvements in better screen resolution and power-saving options. But nothing disruptive that could change the industry greatly.

But with the announcement of the new Apple TV, this might pave the path for a new way we gather around the TV.

In one word, Apple is suggesting that the future of TV is … apps!

You will be able to watch, search, and interact in new powerful ways through apps on your TV sets. This is the beginning of a new interactive TV experience!

The Apple TV provides tv, radio and music content available through its internet-connected box.  All accessible with a touch screen remote control and voice commands through their Siri service.

Now that we can develop apps for the tv, we’re going to see a great leap of what possible.  Play immersive games, order dinner, shop, plan our next vacation, all this will start happening on our TVs.

We can even watch live sport events with realtime statistics and notifications about other on-going games.  So much simultaneous action is going to happen.

Parents and children will be able to socialize on the TV screen together.  This is different from today where we tend to look at our own screens.

The new Apple TV will bring our families together with stunning visual and interactive experiences!

Love the Live Photos!

Apple announced a remarkable new technology called Live Photos.

When you take a photo, you now can watch the full motion and sounds of the previous and post seconds of the photo.  This is going to make photo feel more real.

It feels magical.

It’s like bringing a moment back to life. And best of all, they’ll release support to this technology across all devices.  That makes me excited!

Back to coding

Apple is connecting our digital and physical lives.  Their innovations continue to feel like magic to me.  And there’s no denying that their product revolution is far from complete.  That’s excitement for a developer.  Those creative guys in Cupertino have provided some nice stuff for me to work on.

Thanks guys!


  • Flo says:

    Hey dude
    Agreed Apple makes great software but I would go as far as say it’s disruptive! The reason I say that is that a lot of the tech Apple releases is existing tech they have improved on and repackaged. It is only disruptive because of how Apple does business and the “locked in” concept they have mastered.

    iPad pro: think of the Microsoft Surface with Office 365 (or Office 2013) and OneDrive. It can be used just as easily as the iPad pro on iOS. Does the MS app store have as much apps as iTunes? No, but it does allow for legacy software to be used and offer full PC experience for those who need it and Tablet experience who those who want it. They just made it “prettier”!

    Apple TV: Android OS for TV, as used by Panasonic, Philips, etc… or anyone buying the Android TV box, can do the same thing.
    Let’s not forget Amazon Fire already did what Apple TV is claiming it can do. I agree linear TV experience is outdated and quickly being replaced by VoD but the only reason here again it’s called disruptive is because Apple’s marketing is much better than anyone else’s

    Live Photo: it’s great for parents but from an article I read and agree with, it’s a privacy nightmare. Firstly, it’s set to “on” by default, instead of what would have been nicer to “opt in”. Secondly, Apple claims to respect people’s privacy but 3D touch migh enable them to collect more data about usage pattern, moods, etc… but most importantly, because it’s set to “on” by default and because it records voice as the same time, it’s not difficult to assume Siri is listening in. Remember the trouble Samsung got in when people read the T&C’s for the voice and motion commands on their smart TV’s?

    My summary of the Apple event: they introduced much improved tech based on existing tech. Their Marketing is awesome. Apple is a cult and people think they shit gold

    • Vitor Spencer says:

      Hey Flo, thanks so much for commenting! As always, your comments are very thoughtful, fair and honest.

      The first aspect to consider is the difference between invention and innovation. And the second is: the fact that technologies were already invented before does not mean new ways to execute those very same technologies are not innovative and/or disruptive.

      Yes, there was already Microsoft Surface, with many online plugins. But you mentioned how it caters full PC experience for those who need it and Tablet experience who those who want it. In my opinion, that makes it more complex for regular users. Simplicity is the key word, and Apple has mastered it through its products. My article’s iPad Pro stance is all about catering for regular users, who just want things to work.

      Also, there’s been Android TV boxes that offer many ways to enjoy television, and even new brands are announcing integrating Android in their TV sets… the problem with Android is that it is made to be embedded in many devices with different setups. Plus it allows for brands to inject whatever useless marketing-centered apps they want in main areas of the UI. By default, it is complex for regular users, it just doesn’t feel natural. And I say this because I’m asked all the time to help people out with their Android phones and tablets, they just don’t get it… I expect the same to happen with those devices.

      But, in fact, the main advantage of Apple devices is (as you also admitted) the Apps! Bringing those to the big screen is a huge game changer, it will be as disruptive as the iPhone was… remember there were already many smartphones in the market before the iPhone came along, yet no one can deny it was a revolutionary iconic device.

      Apple has its ecosystem. And I love it. Many people do, obviously. But also, many people don’t. This is not only good, it is also healthy, competition spurs more innovation! Other companies improve on areas that Apple doesn’t, and vice-versa.

      It is great to live in these times! Energy beyond! 🙂

      P.S.: I don’t comment on arguments around privacy, it is pointless and actually reveals lack of other arguments. Because anyone who is connected in the digital world and expects privacy is nuts. There is no privacy. Case closed.

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