WordPress Maintenance Support for Serious Startups and Business Owners

Don’t waste your time or money.
Let WordPress pros take care of your WordPress website for €79/month.

Don’t lose 5-10 hours every month maintaining your WordPress website.

Your website isn’t just a critical for marketing. It’s your digital face. You can’t afford for it to load slow, go down, get hacked, or run inefficiently. But who manages this? If it’s your developer, it’s costing you valuable development time that should be spent on your product or service. If it’s you, it’s taking time away from your business development.

That’s why we offer WordPress Maintenance Support specifically for startups and small business. We act like your personal IT team for your website so you don’t have to worry or waste time dealing with your website.

We’re a great solution for startups because we save valuable time. We’ve poured hundreds of hours into WordPress to better manage websites and keep them fast and secure. Let us handle the workload so you can devote your time and energy to building your business.

Vitor Spencer, Webodew's Tech Director

Let us take care of your website

For more than 3 years, we’ve managed WordPress websites for our clients to make sure they always load fast, protected from harmful attacks and help with adding or changing content to keep it up-to-date.

Our clients compare our maintenance support plan to an insurance policy, a time saver, a headache remover that frees them up to focus on their business

€79/month or ($89/month)
Pay month-to-month or discounts for annual contracts


Free SSL certificate

We add an extra layer of security by installing an SSL certificate for your website. It’s great for protection and also Google search ranks SSL protected sites higher.

Weekly backups

If an attack happens, we have a backup. Each week, we back your website up

Monthly reporting

While your website maintenance should be something that takes place in the background, we send monthly reports of the work we did. Not only does this help us make sure to cover all important aspects of your website, but we found that our clients enjoy getting a glimpse of what we do.

Quick design help

If you need to update an image or outdated text, just email it to us and we’ll do it for you. This will save you from having to log into your website. The general idea is that if we can do it within 30 minutes, we’ll go ahead and take care of it for free.

Automatic website updates

Just like any phone or software, websites need updates to run smoothly. We keep your site’s website files, plugins up-to-date and make sure they work as expected. If something is wrong, we can roll back to our backup.

24/7 security monitoring

Unfortunately, hackers run harmful code scripts to cause harm to websites. To combat the wrongdoers, we add a monitoring system to your website that notifies us if any strange things happen around your site.

Fix display errors

Your website should display nicely on desktop computers but also mobile devices and tablets. Sometimes there are some code errors causing your website to display strangely on certain screen sizes. We’ll help fix those for you.

Submit website to Google

Google can help your business gain exposure online. But it needs to know you exist. During our initial setup, we create a sitemap of your website and submit it to Google to let them know of your various web pages.

Free website hosting

Yep. You read correctly. For a limited time, we offer our clients free website hosting to take one extra task off your plate.

What makes us unique and effective

We’re like having a personal IT team dedicated to your website. We make sure everything is running smooth and help you with adding new content. And we do this at one flat fee.

Join some great company

“Extreme time-saver and value.”

David Beckett

CEO, Best3Minutes.com

“Let the WordPress experts take care of your WordPress site. Our site is really fast.”

Shirley Fung

Lawyer, Patent Capital Group

“For 3 years, they have optimized my images, helped with content changes, and just taken care of all the tech headaches”

Dr. Bryant Harris

Owner, TruCentered Chiropractor Care

Our goal is that you are headache free.

Just like a car, you’re going to get a lot farther if you’re riding in a well-oiled machine. Keeping your website up-to-date keeps your website performing fast for your visitors and safe from harmful hackers. Security and getting websites to work well are jobs we enjoy doing!

To protect and serve, and more…

And occasionally, you probably could use a little design tweak or want to add new content to your website. Instead of attempting to do these yourself, we’d be happy to take care of this too.

Our aim with this support package is to offer you security and peace of mind knowing that you’ve got dedicated guys on your side to help you through the technical jungle and take care of little tasks for you.

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