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Hi, I'm Mike

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These guys developed my personal website for my consultancy and it’s received many compliments! The style feels good and targeted to my audience. I was launching a new initiative and didn’t have anything prepared. They help a lot here to suggest what content to provide and I just let them design based on my requirements. I never had the overwhelming feeling and love how they take care of my website to update it and prevent any issues.
Patricia Bonaert
Cross cultural consultant for families
These guys are a tech-savvy, marketing savvy combination you don't often find. Mike originally set up my first website and has recently upgraded speed and usability for my new website with his Webodew team. They work fast, do what they promise and all in a decent budget. Great people too - easy to communicate with, working with them is fun, not work.
David Beckett
Pitch Coach / TEDx Speech Coach / Author
Mike and Vitor helped me update an e-commerce website, and did an amazing job. But the thing about working with them is their energy and enthusiasm gets you so pumped about your business that you feel re-energized and can't wait to get to work. He is also a fantastic Wordpress website developer is almost secondary to why I would recommend him to anyone looking for a website. Awesome communicator. Fresh ideas. Committed to your success. Real value.
Carl Kwan, MBA
Marketing Director
Simple. Secure. Boom.With all the web threats these days, I wanted someone to be on the lookout. The Webodew guys are super responsive and give me a sense of relief knowing that our site is secure. *We are taking care of their 2 websites
Sabine Hutchison
CEO of a consultancy firm
Enthusiastic and knows a lot about helping small businesses develop a unique web presence that would make the right impression. We decided to hire because they took the time to listen to our needs and gave us a solution that fits us like a glove--giving us precisely what we needed.
Shirley Fung
Law Firm
As a start-up technical services company and we contacted these guys about developing our website. Right from the initial meeting it was evident that they would bring an exceptional amount of value and insight to the project. Excellent communicators, extremely enthusiastic and well organized. Mike was dedicated to our project, and willingly gave his time and insight. We are extremely pleased with the results.
Craig Harmon
Emergency Medical Device Consultant
Saving me time from techy stuff. Even though I could upload blog posts and optimize images, I just don’t want to deal with it. And then trying to fix my site in the past, forget it! One quick email to these guys and my needs are taken care of.  
Dr. Harris
Webodew designed and developed our website within 2 weeks. Their marketing and business development skills added great value to the design process.
Ozlem Cevik Koper
Life Coach
Over the past couple of years, I've worked with Mike to help create a web presence. Given the nature of the internet, Mike has been able to modify my website to keep up with those changes going from a traditional brochure type website to one that is marketing/list building centered website. Due to the nature of my business, it an added bonus that Mike takes care of the daily tasks of updating my website and adding my blog posts. All I have to do is email him what needs to be done and just like that, it's done. I prefer letting a web professional do this tasks because it saves me time and makes certain that I don't push any wrong buttons.
Dr. Bryant Harris