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About Webodew

Webodew is website design boutique based in Paris, France that specializes in helping businesses get their website to stand above the competition and grow more business. View web design services to learn more.

Without a doubt, your website is your most valuable marketing besides referrals.

With 80% of people claiming to make purchase decisions ONLY AFTER seeing a company’s website, you risk losing clients and referrals if your website is confusing, complicated or outdated.

I aim to eliminate this vulnerability with smart website creation.

Professionals like yourself give the right impression in person with clients. Now let’s transform your website to do the same and bring more client growth to you.

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Leave a positive legacy

Our Values

Every day, I’m inspired by people just like you. You work hard for your family, you’re compassionate to others, and you want to do greatness.

At Webodew, my mission is to take the tools and experiences I have within the digital space (website, videos, applications) and help you further your mission and leave a great lasting legacy.

You already inspire people in the real world. Let me help you transmit that same energy and professionalism online so you can reach more people.


Make it a priority to be available for my clients, to understand where they are today and find solution to where they want to be.

Positive energy

I believe that great things can come out of hard situations. Keep playing because the game is never over until it’s over.


It is my duty to do what is right and to hold true to my commitments.


I have an itch inside of myself to discover new things that could benefit my clients.

About Me

Michael Miello – Owner of Webodew

Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia but currently living Paris, France with wife and daughter

Education: Duke University (Bachelors), University of Neuchâtel (Masters)

Interests: Travel, sports, changing baby diapers

Hi, I’m Mike and as a business owner, I know the challenges in providing a great service while attracting new clients. It’s a tough nut to crack, but if we can, boy oh boy are we going to have great stories to tell.

I’ve decided to develop my expertise in crafting websites that make great impressions and help businesses grow.

I have no interest in wasting your time. I work quickly, communicate honestly and deliver to you promptly. Just a few highlights of my experience…

Career highlights

Getting Started Guide.

Ready to learn more? Download this guide as it will tell you a bit more about who I am, how I work and of course, how much!