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Our simple mission

Love how you communicate online

Every day, we’re inspired by people just like you. You work hard for your family, you’re compassionate with those around you, and you want to excel.

To simply put it, you’re capable of helping many people and you deserve a website that you love.

At Webodew, we believe that we have the tools and experience to design a website that you love and will help you with your mission.

You already inspire people in the real world. Now, let’s find a way to transmit that same energy and professionalism online.

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Our north stars

Our Values


Deliver high and keep improving

Positive energy

Help people when possible to improve our relationships and impacts on initiatives


Treat all people with respect


Life will throw you curveballs, but never loss the appetite to keep aiming higher

Words we live by

Work hard.

Be kind to everyone.

Never steal my candy.

Our Team Roster

We work together. But we treat each other like family

mike with vr kit

Mike Miello


Mike is responsible for coordinating projects, keeping up the energy, and coming up with creative directions. His design work has been featured by Apple and LinkedIn’s SlideShare and has worked in web design and marketing for more than 10 years. Mike is originally from Atlanta, graduated from Duke University and travels a lot.
vitor with coffee

Vitor Spencer

Tech lead

Vitor heads the technical operations. He has over 20 years of web development experience building complex database applications and being part of new wave tech such as BitCoin. He knows how to navigate the scary code. Prior, he was a developer for Canon and

Webodew Wins

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We got this.