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Case Studies

Get a sense of why our clients chose to work with us and what we accomplished together.

Michel Guichard
Website build | Hosting | Continued Support

International School Of Amsterdam
Website build | Hosting | Continued Support

Layout examples

When creating designs, we focus on the user experience to make sure viewers will discover the content needed to engage with you.

Patricia Boneart – Life Coach

Stella the Matchmaker – Sales Accountant

International School of Amsterdam – School

Flow Coaching Institute – Training

House of Running – Health / Fitness

Brazil Coffee Guys – Retail

Michel Guichard – CFO

Best3Minutes – Coaching

Built to display great on all screen sizes

Half of traffic to websites comes from mobile devices and so we make sure to provide a nice viewing experience on all screen sizes.

Website for consultants
Website redesign | Content reduction and reorganization | Ongoing website support

Website for chiropractors
Website redesign (2x with client) | Content reduction and reorganization | Ongoing website support

Website for finance consultant
New website for new venture | Content guidance | Ongoing website support

Website for international school training program
New website for new initiative | Ongoing website support

Website for lawyers
Website redesign | Content reduction | Ongoing website support

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